The importance of a seal is only noticeable,
if Machine downtimes, impurities or downtimes occur.

develops and manufactures high-performance lip seals, rotation shaft seals and
radial shaft seals made of the material PTFE and PTFE compound.
Further we manufactures
conventional seal types, hydraulic seals and special seals made of the material elastomers,
hydrolysis-resistant polyurethane, PTFE and Technical plastics.
Our high-performance seals
are adjusted individually in installation spaces and operating conditions.
Moreover we influence the performance profile of the seal.
Influenced will the wear behavior, the load-bearing capacity, the stability and also
the temperature and chemical resistance.
So you get an efficient and high quality seal, at a reasonable
high wear resistance, low friction and low break loose torque
high chemical and thermal resistance
operating temperatures for PTFE-seals from -70 °C to +260 °C
high efficiency and economy
chemical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries, general
mechanical engineering and tool manufacture, steel industry, process engineering
bakery machines   plummer block
meat processing machines   centrifuges
rotation operation   mills and shredders
conveying and dosing systems   filling machines
aggregates in pharmacy and cosmetics   agitators
mixers and separators   blowers and fans
cleaning and sterilization process   pumps
machine tools   driven tools
machines with high speeds   gears

lubricating and cooling fluids
mineral and synthetic fats and oils
water and water vapor
resinous and pasty mixtures
aggressive and corrosive chemicals in the liquid and gaseous state
granules, powders and liquids in the food and pharmaceutical industry
FDA   BAM   ADI-free
3A Sanitary   Food regulation   ATEX

REACH Regulation, EU 10/2011 (1907/2006)
food law provisions - European Com. law, BGVO (BfR, LFGB) und FDA
RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2)